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About Uri:

Uri is an Indian film which is based on Hindi language military film acting movie. Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam are in the main lead in this mlvie.Paresh Rawal has acted as Govind the national security advisor. Mohit Raina and Kirti kulhari has acted as the actors in this film. It is based on the true event Uri attack and Vicky Kaushal explain the role of major vihaan Singh shergill and he is in the lead role.

It was released on 11 January 2019 and earned rupees 342.06 crore. It is known to get positive responses from critics and ranks to be a good film. It is known to be one of the highest earning movies in India.

Plot of Uri:

The film is divided into five parts or five chapters, these chapters indicate execution of the plans.

The seven sisters

The first chapter begins with the ambush on Indian army troops in Chandel, Manipuri June 2015. Major Vihaan Singh along with a para SF officer, his brother in law and his unit attacked on the northeastern militants. After completing the task successfully, the prime minister congratulates Major Vihaan Singh and invites him and its entire unit to a formal dinner. Major Vihaan Singh Shergill requested for an early retirement as he wanted to stay close to his mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease stage 6. Prime minister offers him a desk job in Delhi inside of an early retirement and the major agrees to it.

Peace left unsettled( New Delhi)

This chapter occured in New Delhi. This chapter shows that we took a desk job aaj New Delhi and spent time with his family. Jasmine d’almeida is to take care of his mother as she was suffering from Alzheimer stage VI. Vihan met Seerat Kaur Kirti kulhari an Indian air force pilot who tries to prove her patriotism to her husband. Her husband died in an ambush. One fine day Vihaan’s mother goes missing and he blames Jasmine for the same and says that he doesn’t require the security. Later on Jasmine reveals herself to be an intelligence agent. The film indirectly conveys the message of why special forces soldiers are offered security.

Make India bleed with thousand cuts(Jammu and Kashmir)

Four armed military forces attacked the headquarters in the dawn of 18 September 2016. Those military forces killed 19 Indian soldiers in their sleep. The terrorists are killed however Karan dies as we accidentally pull the terrorist rifle. The whole family gets disturbed because of the death of vihaan. Govind bhardwaj who is known to be national security advisor suggest prime minister for surgical strike prime minister gives his approval for the strike and Vihaan is allotted 10 days for the strike. Vihaan was alloted the leadership of this strike so he left his job and went to udhampur. He chooses soldiers from Bihar and Dogra regiment.

Noone can use their phone and their trainings began.

New India ( New Delhi)

Govind ropes for ISRO, DRDO and RAW. While talking to chief of the DRDO national security advisor Govind met Ishan, an intern who invented garuda which looks and is eagle shaped. They look for hidden places and training centres of the terrorist. Jasmine informed that her real name is Pallavi Sharma. He chooses a secret to be his pilot and she agrees to it. Govind suggests artillery shelling on the border so that they can get distracted. They painted their helicopters with Pakistani Air force markings.

The surgical strike.

 On 28th September surgical strike took place at night time.

Vihaan’s helicopter was informed not to move ahead of the line of control. It was told to bring the helicopter down and Vihaan and his team went through the caves. The team successfully kills all the terrorists using two launch pads. The other  commandos team also manages to kill all the terrorists. Vihang kills idris and jabbas who were the key leaders of the attack. The police were alerted. Heavily rain down the gun on the Indian army. Indian Air force pilot seerat comes to rescue them and fires the terrorists back. His team successfully crosses LOC.

They have shown that in the post credits a Pakistani minister named Zameer shouts very badly after seeing the successful surgical strike of India. The scene ends with Jai Hind on the screen.

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