If you want to reach Mcleodganj from Delhi, the best way is to take a train from Delhi. However, if you are traveling by train, you must change trains at Pathankot. From Pathankot, you can take a bus that leaves for Mcleodganj from the city. There are several direct buses running from Pathankot to Mcleodganj throughout the day. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach Mcleodganj. Buses are operated by HRTC. Bus fare is about Rs. 150 per person.

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Route map

The route from Delhi to Mcleodganj will cover five hundred kilometers. There are two ways to travel to this mountainous town. One way is to fly. The other option is to use a rental car to get to your destination. To avoid the long drive, consider hiring a car with a driver. The two ways are described below. When you’re planning to travel from Delhi to Mcleodganj, make sure to have a detailed route map.

To find the best route from New Delhi to Mcleodganj, start by comparing the distance between the two cities. In the route map from Delhi to Mcleodganj, enter the start and end locations into the calculator control. Then, select the Show Map option. After this, the distance between the two cities will be displayed on the map. It will take you approximately 10 hours to reach Mcleodganj.

In Mcleodganj, you can see the famous Kalachakra Temple, also known as the Temple of the Oracle. This temple is a place of worship for Tibetans. The temple contains a mural of the Kalachakra Mandal. You’ll need to pay respect to the religious site and refrain from taking photographs inside the temple. Next, head to Bhagsunag Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is located in the village of Bhagsu. The 1 Gorkha Regiment built this temple in the mid-19th century. The temple features a natural pool and springs.

A direct route from Delhi to Mcleod Ganj should take seven hours forty minutes. The cost of the trip depends on which mode of transportation you use. Depending on your choice of mode of transportation, the trip will take anywhere from 2 to 23 hours. The best way to travel from Delhi to Mcleodganj is by car. There are many options for this trip, but it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you begin your journey.

You can take a train from Delhi to Dharamshala. The trains are often overnight, and there’s one train that runs every day from Delhi to Dharamshala. It’ll take 9.5 to 13 hours to travel by train. Buses are also an option. The only downside to train travel is the cost. Usually, the minimum cost for a plane ticket is about $66.

Travel time

If you’re considering a road trip from New Delhi to Mcleodganj, there are a few things to keep in mind. Travel time will vary depending on how fast you’re traveling, the type of vehicle you’re in, and the distance. For example, a vehicle travelling from New Delhi to Mcleodganj will take approximately four hours and forty minutes. The actual distance will vary depending on the curvature of the road.

If you’re traveling by train from New Delhi, you’ll find that the distance from the capital to Mcleod Ganj is 319 miles. A train trip from New Delhi to Mcleod Ganj can take between 11 hours and three and a half hours. The cost of a ticket will vary, but will start at around $43 USD. It’s important to keep in mind that the train will make 11 stops, so you may want to consider purchasing a first class ticket to save money.

If you’re traveling by bus, you’ll need to plan your trip accordingly. The bus journey from New Delhi to Mcleod Ganj covers approximately 302 miles and should take approximately seven and a half hours. A stop at Chandigarh is a good idea along the way. While there, you should take a look at the Jurasik Park Inn and Swarn Jayanti Park.

By road, it takes approximately 3 hours from Pathankot to Mcleod Ganj. It is a convenient way to reach the region. Local trains also pass through Mcleodganj. Several cities in India have train services that run to the city. Travel time from Delhi to McLeodganj may take up to five hours or more, depending on traffic and climatic conditions.

While you may choose to use a taxi for this route, the fastest way to reach Dharamshala is by plane. Plane tickets tend to be the most expensive way to get from Delhi to Dharamshala, but you can often find promotional fares that will cost less than other methods. The minimum fare for a plane ticket is about $66. If you’d prefer to take a bus, remember to plan to stop for lunch or bathroom breaks along the way.

Distance by train

The distance between Delhi and Mcleodganj is 412 KM. This makes the journey by road a bit longer. It will take about 7 hours and 40 minutes to reach the destination, but the travel time can vary depending on traffic and other factors. In addition, you might also have to cross the tolls and deal with traffic along the way. Before you leave, make sure to check the live maps and real-time traffic updates to determine the best route to take.

Distance by train from Delhi to Mcleotdganj is 473 kilometers. You will find buses and taxis from Delhi to Mcleodganj. There are also state-run buses that will take you there. The distance by road from Delhi to McLeodganj is about 10 hours. You can choose any of these modes to reach your destination. Once you have selected a mode of transportation, check for the timetable and book your tickets.

You can also fly to this destination from Delhi. This will take around four hours and will depend on the day, the airline, and the weather. Airfares start at 55 USD and range to 75 USD. If you are driving, the distance is 309 miles and you will need to allow eight hours. Gasoline costs will be around 62 USD. A taxi fare is around 66 USD.

If you are flying from New Delhi, you can fly to Gaggal Airport, which is about 19 km from Mcleodganj. There are taxi services available from the airports, and cabs can be arranged to take you to Mcleod Ganj. You can also opt for a private vehicle, which costs between 1000 and 2000 INR. The cost of a taxi from the airport can vary, but will cost approximately 45 minutes.

You can also take a bus from Delhi to Mcleodganj. There are about 125 buses per day and eight hundred and seventy-five buses per week. The bus will cost you about ten dollars. In general, the ride should last around 13 hours. This is a long, difficult, and expensive option. A taxi would be better if you plan to take a few friends.

Taxi fare

Are you planning a one-way trip from Delhi to Mcleodganj? Then, you should consider booking a car from Delhi to Mcleodganj. Taxi fare from Delhi to Mcleodganj is relatively lower when compared to other routes. If you’re looking for a cheap taxi fare from Delhi to Mcleodganj, look no further than Clear Car Rental. Our company offers flexible payment options to suit your needs. You can pay as much as 20% in advance online and the rest on-board. You can also pay the full amount at the time of your trip and pay the driver on the same day.

You can also opt for a GoIbibo cab if you’re on a budget. You can book a car online, and the process is hassle-free. GoIbibo’s cabs adhere to strict guidelines for safety, and you can be assured of a smooth ride. For added convenience, GoIbibo provides its customers with a cancellation policy, so you can cancel your reservation at any time.

Taking a taxi from Delhi to Mcleodganj is a safe and affordable way to visit this beautiful location in India. You can book a taxi for a single or multiple days, and choose the right model to suit your budget and your requirements. Suri Travels offers reasonable taxi rates without compromising on quality and service. A Sedan cab or SUV cab will make the journey more comfortable and convenient.

If you are traveling to Mcleodganj from Delhi, you may want to book your car a few weeks in advance. Last-minute rentals are always more expensive and can compromise service. If possible, book your cab at least a few days ahead of time to save money. The best time to visit Mcleod Ganj is between October and February. However, if you need to book a cab for a long weekend or vacation, there are also cheaper alternatives.

To book a taxi from Delhi to McLeod Ganj, you should consider the fleet of vehicles used by the company. They offer a diverse fleet of vehicles. You should also look for a taxi that is equipped with the latest technology. Choosing a car from Delhi to McLeod Ganj with Gozo will save you time and money. Gozo also offers convenient hourly taxi booking and local sightseeing services.


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