Visit Kasol to experience its many exciting destinations such as Malana Village, Kheer Ganga, Tosh Village, Tirthan Valley and Parvati River for an unforgettable journey!

Manikaran is an indispensable pilgrimage destination, famed for its hot springs which are believed to help cleanse away sins. Additionally, Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara stands as an important landmark.


Manikaran Sahib
Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh is home to an exquisite Gurudwara and some ancient Hindu temples as well as hot springs that serve as religious and tourist attractions for both Sikhs and Hindus alike. Many come here for religious or tourist purposes like bathing in these springs or cooking their food here; locals claim that eating food boiled in Vishnu Kund can take one into His world!

Visit the Gurdwara as soon as you arrive in this hill station – with its breathtaking Himalayan backdrop and magical aura, its one of the must-see places near Kasol.

This gurdwara is also well known for its free langar which serves thousands of people each day for free. Additionally, the healing waters found here have medicinal qualities which are thought to provide relief for various illnesses.

Manikaran offers more than langar. The Gurdwara houses an ancient Shiva temple with an intimate, peaceful sanctum sanctorum; legend holds that Lord Rama brought this shrine from Ayodhya to Manikaran himself!

Manikaran is situated along the picturesque Parvati River, and the nearby Gurdwara provides breathtaking views of mountains and hills nearby. As one of the primary pilgrimage spots for Sikhs from around the country, pilgrims frequently flock to Manikaran’s Gurdwara for spiritual support as well as to find peace and serenity here. Manikaran should definitely be included on any nature lover’s bucket list or those seeking serenity and tranquility on vacation!

Gurudwaras and temples in Manikaran are in excellent condition, providing excellent facilities to visitors. Additionally, there are shops selling exclusive Himalayan handicrafts and woolen items sourced directly from these regions of Himalaya. Don’t miss aarti at Shiva temple as it can be truly mesmerizing; Manikaran Shiva Temple also hosts special festivals that draw crowds from across India.


Top Places Near Kasol

Bhuntar is an idyllic destination to relax and unwind, thanks to its stunning natural beauty and proximity to Parvati Valley. Travellers visiting this small town will find an escape from city life while taking in some fresh mountain air!

One of the top things to do in Manikaran is visit its hot springs. Many believe the waters here contain medicinal qualities that may help ease any number of maladies; additionally, these springs are situated among lush forests – making it the perfect place to unwind and recharge yourself.

Walking through Bhuntar’s Nature Park is an enjoyable way to unwind after a long trip and relax after taking advantage of all that the city has to offer. Here you will find swings, wooden huts and plenty of space – an excellent way to unwind!

Adventure seekers looking for something fun can visit a nearby mountaineering school and learn the fundamentals of climbing and rappelling, giving them an exciting way to experience Himalayas while testing their abilities – not to mention staying healthy while appreciating nature! Mountaineering schools also provide excellent ways for fitness-seeking individuals to keep active.

Kasol, situated in Kullu district and often described as India’s version of Israel, is an idyllic backpackers’ haven with numerous trekking trails and breathtaking vistas – not forgetting its unique blend of local culture and Israeli influence that make this village well worth a visit!

Kasol offers many activities and attractions for visitors, from relaxing at one of its coffee shacks to tasting delicious cuisine. Additionally, this city is an excellent place for souvenir shopping; anklets, scarves and woollen clothing and accessories can be found here in abundance. Additionally, look for items with their respective stamp on it; usually these will offer more authenticity at better prices! Ideally visit Kasol from March until October for optimal experiences.

Parvati River

Manikaran Sahib

This river winds its way through Parvati Valley, an attractive hiking destination known for its picturesque scenery and vibrant backpacker culture. You’ll find hiking trails galore as well as sulfurous hot springs to relax by while ancient temples and shrines dot its landscape.

The Parvati River is an essential water source in its region. Boasting lush first-growth forests along its upper reaches and several geothermal springs along its banks, as well as being popular for rafting and kayaking activities, as well as being known as an opportunity for geothermal spring exploration. Popular for recreational swimming but dangerous for swimmers in rocky areas. Also infamous for flooding damage caused by flooding as well as property loss caused by this powerful river.

During monsoon season, water levels on the Parvati River rise, flooding villages and temples with its surge. This incident serves as a stark reminder of climate change’s dangers as well as the importance of being prepared.

According to legend, Shiva meditated here as an ash-covered sanyasi for over three millennia, eventually naming this area after Parvati (his consort). Today, its spiritual atmosphere draws many Hindus and Sikhs looking for peace and spiritual enlightenment as well as tourists looking for tranquillity and spiritual enlightenment.

In the 1980s and 90s, foreign tourists visiting Parvati Valley were murdered by local villagers using money they earned smuggling marijuana. Since then, however, these visitors are treated more leniently but it remains dangerous to visit this mountainous region on your own.

Kasol, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati Valley, has earned itself the moniker “mini-Israel of India”. Due to the high Israeli population in Kasol, many Israelis have settled here over time – some temporarily and some permanently. Kasol offers visitors a peaceful retreat where they can relax while exploring its surrounding villages, trekking routes and forests; its best time of visitation lies between April-June and September-November.

Tosh is a charming mountainside village that provides stunning mountain and river views, perfect for escaping urban life’s hectic pace. There are regular taxi services from Kasol to Tosh; its trek is not difficult but rather long; for an enjoyable stay at Tosh it is advised to bring along sleeping bag(s) and warm clothes as the temperature can drop quickly after starting out on this adventure.

Nature Park

Top Places Near Kasol

Nature Park, nestled within Parvati Valley’s picturesque setting, is an idyllic sanctuary for those who love the natural world. Boasting dense forests, meandering streams, and stunning panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, it provides a peaceful retreat that allows guests to indulge in tranquil walks, riverside picnics, or just take time for themselves and reflect in its serene ambiance. Plucking flowers or throwing trash around are strictly prohibited here; photography enthusiasts should visit during summer months for the full experience!

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