Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download Masstamilan

Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download Masstamilan

Thiruchitrambalam, written and directed by Mithran Jawahar, features Dhanush in the lead role with Nithya Menen, Bharathiraja and Raashii Khanna appearing as supporting cast. Released theatrically on 18 August 2022, audiences responded positively to Dhanush and Nithya Menen as lead performers while appreciating its music, cinematography and direction. Here we will discuss about Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download Masstamilan.


Thiruchitrambalam tells the tale of an ordinary guy looking for love while grappling with issues in his broken family. Mithran Jawahar’s film is a charming drama with familiar tropes; Dhanush and Nithya Menen add charm that make this film memorable.

Pazham (Dhanush), is a delivery driver living with his strict father Inspector Neelakandan and grandfather Sr. Pazham in Chennai, who are bitter over the loss of his mother and sister; Pazham resents his father and falls out with him often; in terms of relationships he finds it hard to connect to anyone, except Ranjini (Nithya Menen) from a delivery company; they quickly become friends; however he finds himself drawn towards her but cannot express himself properly despite these obstacles;

Shobana (Nithya Menen), his childhood friend, gives him ideas about how he should propose to Ranjini; when he approaches her though, she rejects him, saying they are strangers – an event which makes him realize he may not yet be ready for love.

Thiruchitrambalam’s screenplay and characters are engaging, the dialogue well-written and catchy soundtrack catchy; cinematography colorful and eye-catching; Dhanush’s acting abilities on display perfectly; cinematography colorful and eye-catching – making for an engaging viewing experience and highest grossing Tamil film of his career thus far! Released 18 August 2022 to positive reviews praising performances, music, cinematography and direction alike; this is definitely one of 2022’s must-see movies!


Thiruchitrambalam tells the tale of a guy-next-door trying to find love while also dealing with family issues. While some familiar tropes appear, director Mithran Jawahar manages to inject some freshness and make them entertaining; actors give life to endearing characters that will leave viewers smiling at the end.

Dhanush stars as the lead in this Sun Pictures production with Raashi Khanna, Nithya Menen, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Bharathiraja and Prakash Raj in supporting roles. Written and directed by Mithran Jawahar for release on 18 August 2022 with positive reviews from critics and audiences for performances, music, cinematography and direction.

Pazham is a food delivery boy living with his father Inspector Neelakandan and grandfather Thiruchitrambalam in Sri Lanka. He holds his father responsible for the deaths of both his mother and sister and is not on good terms with him; furthermore, he struggles with love because he has feelings for two women at once; his best friend Shobana helps him cope with these difficulties.

Dhanush gives an exceptional performance as Pazham in this movie, and his fellow cast members show tremendous support. Nithya Menen and Priya Bhavani Shankar both shine brightly, and Bharathiraja brings laughter as an amusing grandfather figure. Cinematographer Om Prakash and editor Prasanna GK both have great vision for cinematography and editing respectively.

This film is an entertaining comedy-drama that will leave audiences smiling. Packed with some great songs and made up entirely of Dhanush fans, its soundtrack can be found both 320kbps and 128kbps formats on masstamilan (a popular Tamil piracy site that provides high-quality downloads compared to starmusiq and isaimini), along with various streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video. Critics have given the movie rave reviews while it has also proved an enormous box office success!


Thiruchitrambalam is an engaging thriller film with all the hallmarks of great cinema. Arun Vijay excels as always while Vidya Pradeep also shines in her role. Plus, there is plenty of twists and turns throughout that will keep audiences engrossed with this powerful tale.

Dhanush exudes confidence as Pazham and it is inspiring that even after such high-powered performances he can deliver such an unconventional film as this.

Mithran R Jawahar directed this film starring Dhanush alongside Nithya Menen, Bharathiraja and Raashii Khanna in supporting roles. The movie premiered to great reviews with praise being lavished upon Dhanush for his acting, music, cinematography and its script. It was released to great reviews upon its August 2022 release date.


From first glance, this movie appeared generic; yet, it found immense audience affection and became an unexpected success. This made you question whether audiences expect too much from commercial movies or whether this film deserved all its popularity.

Thiruchitrambalam tells the tale of Pazham, an ambitious delivery boy living with Inspector Neelakandan and paternal grandfather. He blames his father for the deaths of his mother and sister, avoiding all forms of communication with him. Instead, his childhood friend Shobana becomes his confidante; offering her guidance as to how best to propose to Shobana – she ultimately becomes his chosen love interest. To know more about Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download Masstamilan just follow us:

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