Want to live a lifetime experience that gives you an epinephrine rush, to explore most beautiful and hidden wonders of the nature. There are many adventurous activities that can give you such experience but there is no embellish expect Trekking, the most popular activity which is famous not in India only even worldwide.

No wonder that India has one of dazzling places for Trekking. Almost every state of India has a Trekking spot where you can experience once in a lifetime kind of experience. India has Himalayas which consists with several trekking trails and Best Trekking Places in India, few are the easiest and some of with extreme difficulties.

If you are also an adventure lover, loves to explore and do, Trekking mountain climbing, skiing, paragliding etc. Himachal Pradesh can be most considerable state for the same. You will also witness the amazing beauty of Himalayas include- snow points, flora, rivers, lakes, old centuries man-made structures, high-peak spots, some religious delights, sunset points, even pilgrims with amazing location and view.

Every trekker must have to experience the picturesque charm of Himalayas and even of some others state as well. Even the Kedarnath trek will give you never forgetting experience. Today, we are going to tell about such places where you can track and enjoy the enchantress of India.

Best Trekking Spots in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh counted as one of the most popular state for trekking. So, let’s start with the its destinations.

1- Beas Kund Pass, Manali: one of the trekking attraction in India is Manali because of its snowing pictures and flowing of Beas river. So, if you are a fan of such combination of River and mountains with snow, must go for this trek.

2- Hampta Pass, Manali: is the one of the highest trekking trail of Manali, all covered with snowing mountains and surrounded by lush greenery. If you remember the one of hit Bollywood movie “Ye Jawani hai Deewani” the movie was also shot in Hampta Pass trail.

3- Triund Trek, Mcleodganj: this place is such a combination of peace and beauty, it has the most population of monks. Mcleodganj also known as the birth place of Dalami Lamba and you can find several monasteries in this area. There is a narrow road goes through Dharamkot which will lead you to Triund trek.

4- Malana Village, Kasol: known as the of the ancient village of India, isolated from rest of the coutry, situated near Parvati valley in north-east kullu state. It is popular for cannabis plant which is called Malana, grows in parvati valley. If you are a fan of ancient architecture and views, then it’s the trek for you.

5- Indrahar Pass Trek, Dharamshala: if you like a place which consists a city surrounded by hills and greenery then Dharamshala is the best spot for you to explore. If you want to enjoy the beauty then instead of taking cabs, buses or any vehicle of your choice you must trek or go on-foot and feel the weather and nature of this awesome city.

Listing out Best Trekking Places in North India

Now let’s have a look upon some of Best Trekking Places in North India, these spots are not only popular in India, you can view people all around the world.

  1. Chadar River, Ladakh: if you love to walk on a frozen lake and a waterfall you must go for this all froze trail with below -4 degree temperature. You can also camp here if you are covering a long trek.
  2. Markha Valley, Ladakh: one of the most beautiful valley of Ladakh, all covers with dusty as well as floral valleys.
  3. Valley of Flowers, Uttrakhand: if you want to see a place, which is called “Heaven on Earth” there is no any other place instead of Valley of Flowers, it has more than 5000 kinds of flowers, more than 100 waterfalls, mesmerizing valleys all covered with clouds. Every Trekker should go for once for this amazing trek.
  4. Chopta Chandrshila, Uttrakhand: it is a small village of uttrakhand, where you can find few old houses, mud houses and peace with a beauty of mountains.
  5. Kedarnath, Uttrakhand: the most popular pilgrim across India, it is one of the Dham among four. Every year a huge crowd of devotees of Lord Shiva, cover this trek on foot.

Have a look upon Best Trekking Places in South India

Now we are listed the last but not the list of few Best Trekking Places in South India, where people of south can easily go for trekking destination in a pocket friendly budget.

  1. Munnar, Kerala: well as we all aware, kerala is known as God’s own country, after watching its beauty there is no any doubt lefts behind. The charm of Munnar will instantly cover your soul and gives you a lifetime memory and not forgetting feel.
  2. Coorg, Karnataka: all covered with clouds and deep valley and one can feel a fresh air directly blowing on your face and will rejoice your inner core.
  3. Ananthagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh: this state doesn’t have much valleys but have hills with charm and exotic scenic views.

Parsons Valley/Peak, Ooty: it is one of the tourist attraction, surrounded by tall trees and deep valleys. If you want to witness such place with fresh environment and cold wind, must go for it.

Final Words

Hope! You like the above mention points about Best Trekking Places of India, where you can easily go in a budget friendly way. These treks can be enjoyed with friends, family and groups. If you a person who loves to trek, then these destinations are waiting for your arrival.


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