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8 Cool Father’s Day Gifts for the Adventurous Dad

As Father’s Day is just around the corner, you might be wondering what the best gift is to get your dad this year. If your dad is someone who’s bold, adventurous and loves to find new places to go or things to do, here are some of the coolest Father’s Day gifts that will be perfect for him.

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  1. An alternative ring he can wear wherever, whenever. If your dad has worn a metal wedding ring for years and complains about having to take it off or feeling his finger swell around it when he works out, there’s an alternative option that’s perfect for him. Silicone rings are safe and durable, making them the perfect alternative to metal rings. For the dad who’s always out hiking, biking, swimming or even just doing casual cardio at the gym, a silicone ring is a great Father’s Day gift.
  2. A knife that will go a long way while camping. Adventurous dads sometimes like to camp. A quality knife that helps them cut rope, debone fish or any other task that might come up while out in the wilderness is a must-have. Get them one that will work in every situation, no matter what campsite they visit. Camping can be dangerous, too, so a quality knife isn’t just to make things easier while outdoors. It’s also a great tool for staying safe while camping overnight, especially in desolate or unmonitored areas. There are lots of parks in the Rockies and the Midwest that don’t always have Rangers patrolling 24/7, which can make it more dangerous. However, for experienced campers, these sites just require a little extra planning. If your dad tends to go to these places, then it might be a good idea to invest in a quality knife for him to take with him on his camping trips to these sites.
  3. A quarter zip to wear. While he’s on all his travels, or he’s winding down from a long workout, a cozy quarter zip is a great item to have on hand. Get him one for Father’s Day this year! He’ll love having something cozy and comfortable to put on when it’s chilly, he can dress down at work or he can wear it while boarding a plane or taking a road trip. A quarter zip typically looks more professional than a sweatshirt or a full-zip hoodie, but it’s also casual enough to wear while hiking or out running errands. Your dad will love having one to wear no matter the season or the occasion.

perfect workout accessory

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  1. A pair of no-tie shoelaces. Whether he puts them on his hiking boots or he wears them on his regular running shoes, a pair of no-tie shoelaces might be just what he needs this Father’s Day. They’re the perfect workout accessory for your dad, no matter what adventures he likes to take. Since they’re no tie, he won’t have to worry about tripping over them or having them come undone while he exercises. He’ll be able to work out with ease with a pair of no-tie laces. Foot injuries are the most common on a treadmill, so if he’s someone who uses that exercise machine during his workouts, a pair of no-tie laces can go a long way to ensuring his feet stay healthy. They’re also great for hiking or even walking around outside.
  2. A stainless steel water bottle. Adventurous dads are always on-the-go. Help him stay hydrated with a stainless steel water bottle! This gift is great for him to take on road trips, planes, trains and even out camping. Stainless steel tends to keep things cold better than plastic, and it also stays cleaner longer. He’ll be so happy to have something that he can take with him on all his adventures. Whether he uses it for water, tea or even coffee, a stainless steel bottle is the perfect gift for your adventurous dad this Father’s Day.
  3. A backpack with lots of pockets. When he’s on-the-go, he’ll need something to keep all his knickknacks and even his first aid items in order. A backpack with lots of pockets is a great gift to give him on Father’s Day! Zippers and pockets transform any book bag and make it much easier to organize and carry necessary items. Snacks, first aid, blankets and more can all find a dedicated space in a backpack with all the necessary pockets. Without pockets, things can get lost or not fit as well in the bag.

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  1. A pair of UV blocking sunglasses. UV blocking sunglasses are essential for anyone who spends time outdoors. These are perfect to give any adventurous dad on Father’s Day. Help protect their eyes and see clearer, sharper images while outdoors with a pair of UV blocking sunglasses. Some sunglasses also have color filters on them, which makes them great in different environments. No matter where he goes, he’ll have a pair of sunglasses to keep his eyes safe from blinding sunlight.
  1. A portable digital cooking thermometer. When he goes camping, your adventurous dad probably uses a portable grill. It’s important to cook each type of raw and frozen meat to certain temperatures. Ingesting raw or undercooked meat can lead to a slew of health issues, so help him stay healthy by giving him a portable cooking thermometer that is also digital! It’ll be easy to read and easy to carry with him when he travels. It’s small enough that it won’t take up too much space in his bag, either!

Father’s Day gifts can be tough to find, especially if you have a dad who likes to go on lots of adventures. No matter what, your dad — or the dads in your life — will just be grateful that you even took the time to get them something for the holiday. There are lots of great options out there, and you’re sure to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for all the adventurous fathers you know.

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