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Popular vacation destinations for a trip with your guy gang

With mental health issues continually rising, spending quality time with your best buddies can be a much needed stress buster. Taking a trip with you guy friends can be liberating and therapeutic especially for men who constantly oscillate between family and career. Also it gives you a chance to rewind, catch up, bond and explore a new place with your bros. There are several places that you can choose to go depending on your budget and convenience. However, we shall list a few popular vacation destinations for a trip with your guy gang to make your decision a little easier.

Party hard in Thailand:

If you and your friends love to party then Thailand is the place for you. Together with excellent massage parlors, exciting adventures, bars and pubs, Thailand tops the list for the most popular destination for bachelor trips. The capital, Bangkok is the liveliest place all throughout the year. The streets lined with bars, delicious food stalls and the people dancing on the streets are sure to uplift your spirits. Do not forget to make a trip to Pattaya as well to not just enjoy the fancy bars, strip clubs and ping-pong shows but also to enjoy the blue waters of the beach with chilled beer and great company.

Yatch sailing in Croatia:

Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe, but the highlight of this place which attracts a lot of people is The Yatch Week. The Yatch Week takes place in Croatia and a few other countries during summers and is something that the men will surely enjoy. A group of friends can sign up for this week long Yatch party where you travel to different destinations in a yatch and in the process you get to meet new people, party at a different location every day, taste the local food and do water sports in the sea. And if this is not enough then you can explore the medieval cities and historic ruins in and around Croatia.

Ride to the Mountains in India:

This is one of a kind trip that will appeal to most men who love to be on the road and have always dreamt of living the vagabond life. The northern part of India houses the majestic Himalayan range offering breathtaking views along with a splendid atmosphere. You along with your group of friends can go on a bike trip to LehLadakh, Lahaul and Spiti on the Royal Enfield bikes. You can enjoy the snow clad mountains views, interact with the locals on the way and learn about their culture and cuisine while experiencing the adrenalin rush of riding on a rugged terrain. You can also enjoy short treks, camp beside a beautiful lake and share stories with your friends over a bonfire at night.

Scuba Dive in Sri Lanka:

A trip to Sri Lanka can be adventurous and relaxing at the same time as it has some of the beautiful islands in the world. If you and your friends enjoy chilling together and admire nature and water then Sri Lanka is your best bet. This island country has beautiful picturesque beaches scattered all over it with calming blue waters and sparkling white sand. They are famous for scuba diving activities by means of which you can explore the colorful underwater wildlife and the magnificent coral reefs. It also offers a variety of lip smacking sea food dishes that are a must try like the Fish AmbulThiyal and the Sri Lankan Crab curry.

Dance your heart out in Brazil:  

The biggest and the brightest carnival that attracts thousands of  tourists from all over the world is the Rio Carnival in Brazil. The carnival takes place every year before the beginning of Lent in Rio de Janerio and is a celebration of culture, music, dance and food. It is highlighted by the spectacular parades dancing gloriously in brilliantly colored outfits. There are samba dancing competitions where people display their excellent dancing skills. You can take tickets to the carnival along with your friends and dance in the parade which usually ends with a street party. Head over to Rio with your friends sometime during February to experience this cultural extravaganza.

Apart from the places mentioned above, places like Amsterdam, Bali, Macau and Norway also make it to the list of popular vacation destinations for a trip with your guy gang.So all you need to do now is to take some time off and start planning your much awaited trip with your friends.

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