One of the largest countries in the eastern Europe is Ukraine. Cheapest of all, often seen a troubled country due to its issues in the east. But the rest of the country is safe to travel. There are so many incredible places to see and lots of things to do in a country like Ukraine. Black sea beach is the beauty of the country. We have some places that are to be visited by everyone travelling to Ukraine.  Few are the must see places in Ukraine you would like to pay a visit.

One of the best places to visit in Ukraine is Kiev. The city of Kiev is surrounded by churches, cathedrals which were built like 1500 years ago. The must see historical and architectural attractions of the city are St. Sophia’s cathedral, Mystetskyi Arsenal Art Quarter, St. Andrew’s Church and Mikhail Bulkagov Museum. These are among the finest architectural sites to be seen in Ukraine.

Lviv is the oldest city in western Ukraine and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Different cultures including Poles, Armenians, Jews and Germans lived here for hundred of years. This is why one traveling to Lviv will see diversity at its best. Best places to visit in Lviv are the Old Town, St. George’s Cathedral, the Market Square, Chapel of the Boim family and many more attractions.


Odessa is a port on the Black Sea. Odessa is the best hotspot in the Ukraine that has many beaches, palaces, boulevard, museums, parks and opera houses. Odessa opera and ballet theatre is the magnificent opera house in the city. Potemkin Stairs is a well-maintained entrance from the port to the city. Other places to see in Odessa are City Garden, Primorsky Boulevard, Odessa Passage and Transfiguration Cathedral.


It is a very different and unique city in the Ukraine. Due to the explosion of nuclear plant the certain area near the plant is abandoned ever since. Guided tours are the only way to visit the city. There are different ways to see the city mainly includes one day trips. If you are an avid traveller, there are ways to explore Chernobyl and because they less crowded, you will be able to find some truly beautiful spots.


The city is located on the banks of Khorol river. The city is famous for its underground springs. The spring water has mineral quality which are used in the spa. Thereby the city is considered as spa town. People can take bathe in such springs, drinking salty water can improve digestion. There are other interesting features for travellers to seek out in the city of Myrhorod. One of them is a musical water fountain and towering illuminated windmill. The woodlands found in the city are also one of the romantic things you can do. You can also take horse drawn carriages ride across the city. This is one of the most beautiful city in Ukraine. One must not miss the opportunity to see it.

These are some the must see places in Ukraine. Though due to its issues in the east the city is underrated by the tourists. But still there is much more to see and do in this marvellous and historical country. Many organisations have recently shown interest in investing in Ukraine and we might see it becoming a popular tourist hub in the near future. Until then the place remains less crowded but the architecture, natural pristine places and mild weather definitely supports travellers to visit, especially the beautiful beaches in Ukraine. Do follow all the safety measures required to visit the place and bring in a lot of good memories from Ukraine.

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