Decorating space with leather furniture has been a trendy, classic style.

A leather sofa is one such piece that always stands out and adds a unique element to the décor with its various colour options. You will find leather sofas almost in every other hotel and restaurant as it brings out a very polished finish to the décor.

It has remained the top choice for fitting the living room and is worth the money you put into it. It brings out a sophisticated design, even if it’s a simple set. To decide what you should look for before buying a sofa and ideas about how to decorate it, keep reading.

What Type of Leather is Used for Furniture?

There are different kinds of leathers used for chairs and sofas. Pigmented leather makes the most durable leather with an even surface appearance. Aniline Leather is a much more natural-looking leather but is less resistant to soiling.

Another type of leather is semi-aniline leather, a mix of both the above kinds. Faux leather is synthetic leather meant to give a feel like natural leather. A 100% leather is made entirely out of animal rawhide.

Are Leather Sofas Comfortable?

If you are thinking of buying leather sofas and wondering if they are comfortable, then the answer is that they are exceptionally comfortable. They not only look elegant but are a comfortable place to relax.

High-quality leather sofas are incredibly resistant, have supportive frames, and are filled with soft cushioning. There’s a reason why most psychologists, therapists and doctors have leather sofas in their offices; it makes the person feel comfortable.

Reasons Why Leather Sofas Are the Best Fit for Your Space

When it comes to choosing a sofa set than brings out an elegant vibe with a sense of sophistication, leather furniture is the best option. If you are not convinced about how are leather sofas the best option for your living space, here are 5 reasons:

  • They are easy to clean
  • Durable
  • They are top quality material
  • They make the most comfortable place to sit and relax
  • Leather ages well with time. It holds on to its fresh look for longer than any other material
  • It is heat and sun damage resistant and gives a stunning appearance

How to decorate your space around a leather sofa

Mostly you will find leather sofas in dark, light and colourful themes. To decorate them accordingly, here are a few suggestions to make the furniture look coordinated with the room.

  • Light Layers: If you go for traditional leather sofas which are dark, you can layer them with cream, white or pastel accent pillows to make them look nice. You can throw a blanket or place a rug to add contrast.
  • Painted Walls: You can add a visual balance with a bright or light painted wall and add a light or dark colour sofa. Keeping fresh flowers and placing a lamp table near the sofa give an aesthetic look.

Final Words

Leather sofas are resistant to wear and tear and are very durable. Leather is a naturally rigid material and makes the best material for daily use purpose. It can make fantastic furniture to add as a noticeable item and takes up suitable space.

If you take the proper care of leather furniture, it can last lifelong with minimal repairs and touch-ups.

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