The average adult needs to drink eight glasses of water every day. Due to the necessity of drinking water and the amount of water we consume, it is essential to maintain drinking water quality. Drinking water helps your body rid itself of waste through waste transpiration.

When we drink water, it quenches our thirst and is absorbed into our mouth; this helps minimize dehydration due to less external humidity on our body/skin surface, increasing metabolism, helping produce more energy using ATP (the primary source of energy for all bodily activities) which leads to reduce stress levels, increase endurance in exercising or sports, during pregnancy and lactation period

Furthermore, water intake can serve as an excellent medium for the transmission of several diseases, and to this end, it is essential to ensure that the water we drink is pure and clean.

This is why our home and office are now equipped with water purifiers. There are a variety of models in various price ranges of Livpure smart water purifier with a variety of technologies.

Listed below are six unbelievable facts you didn’t know about water purifiers.

The best type of water purification system might not be the same for everyone

Water filters are not available in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Instead, different water technologies cater to a particular type of water contamination, and each technology has its characteristics. For example, RO works best to remove dissolved salts, while UV will work best to remove biological contaminants.

Purifying your water is a more sustainable option than bottled water

Water purifiers can reduce the number of bottles thrown away into landfills by reducing the amount of water discarded at home. Similarly, it helps to reduce the amount of water that gets wasted in producing bottled water.

If you’re looking to do your part in the fight against pollution, then you should consider purifying your water. It’s a more sustainable option than bottled water because it eliminates plastic waste and gets the job done without any unnecessary chemicals

Various purifiers have different filtration rates

Cleaners have a variety of filtering rates. The model that you should choose will depend upon how much water you are using and how patient you are. Typically, RO filters flow slowly, so they are best for slow water usage.

Various purifiers have different filtration rates, so the consumer has to decide whether a higher rate means that it filters more germs. We recommend using the highest quality filter brand possible. Some dirty air purifiers will look clean even after they’ve passed their designated level of filtration, while other models may not be able to take a full deep clean despite having a high-end filter.

Select the appropriate water purifier model 

Nowadays the market is full of various types of water purifier models such as under-sink, faucet mounted, and countertop water purifiers. It is important to note that the flow rates for these three types of faucet mounts are different, with the faucet mount having the lowest flow rate. Hence, you should make sure you pick a water purifier such as Livpure smart water purifier or  aquaguard water purifier that suits your needs and requirements.

Water purifiers are not eco-friendly

Several models of purifiers waste a lot of water in the name of purification, while some make use of chemicals, which again has adverse effects on the environment. Choose an eco-friendly model when picking a water purifier since selecting an environment-friendly cleaner is wise.

Make sure you choose a water purifier from brands such as livpure smart water purifier, which comes with the ‘Save Water’ technology. In other words, it should not waste too much water or produce any waste chemicals, and it should not use chemical products in the process of disinfecting the water. 

It is important to consider the maintenance costs

When buying a water purifier, we usually compare the market price and if any discount is available to us in the process. Maintenance costs, including those incurred in changing the filters, AMC, etc., should also be considered. Sometimes, net selling prices are pretty attractive, but hidden costs may also ruin your budget. There is no denying that water is being contaminated today by naturally occurring contaminants and human activities.

To get rid of these contaminants, one has to utilize a water purifier to prepare water for drinking and preparing food. The market is flooded with various water purifiers that use different technologies. Therefore, consumers should be conscientious when choosing a water treatment solution, considering their area’s budget, requirements, and water quality.

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