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You Should Know About Varun Vagish [Indian Travel Influencer & Vlogger]

Dr. Vagish is an exjournalist, Radio newsreader and Academician. He holds a PhD on Mass Communication. For the past 15 years, he has been traveling the globe. He is now a full-time traveller and vlogger/blogger. To top it all, the Government of India awarded him the National Award for Tourism Promotion.

He is the host of ‘MountainTrekker,’ a YouTube channel dedicated to Travel with over 1 million subscribers worldwide. He has collaborated with many international Tourism boards, airlines and brands. His videos inspired people to get out of their comfort zones and see the world.

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Varun uses storytelling as an art form to bring people together from different backgrounds. These themes focus on the socio-economic fabric and eco-friendly tourism. They also explore cultural and linguistic diversity with experiential learning. It is the goal of this project to educate and empower people about the importance of the tourism and travel industry in order to create a budget-friendly travel plan that promotes a rustic, aesthetic and conscious lifestyle.

Common Question of Varun Vagish

  1. Where is Varun Vagish located?

According to our database, the address is Delhi, India.

  1. Is Varun Vagish born in India?

Varun Vagish was born in Delhi, India.

  1. What is Varun Vagish’s profession?

He is a travel blogger and farmer journalist.

  1. How much does Varun Vagish have in net worth?

The net worth of the household is between 2-5 million and 5 million USSD.

  1. Varun Vagish is married?

He is single.

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