Sunblock may not always protect you adequately from harmful UV rays. So, you need a sun protection sleeve. Did you know, 99% of nonmelanoma skin cancer in Australia is associated with UV rays? So, you should invest in a premium quality sun protection sleeve.

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This article will help you know what sun protection sleeves are and how it helps. So, read on and invest in one now.

What is a Sun Protection Sleeve?

It is a sleeve made of UPF fabric. UPF is the ultraviolet protection factor. Typically, every fabric has a UPF rating that determines how much the sun’s rays will penetrate your skin. For instance, a sleeve with UPF 50+ will help block at least 98% of UV rays from your skin.

Further, sun protection sleeves can also be stylish with various prints and far more effective than sunblock cream. While you need to apply sunblock cream several times during the day, you merely need to wear the sleeve once.

Now you know what sun protection sleeves are. So, here’s how they help.

They Help in Cooling You Down

The UV compression sleeves will help keep you cool while you indulge in outdoor activities. Generally, a sunblock cream tends to cover you with sweat. In contrast, sun protection sleeves with UV protection have moisture-wicking properties and are antiperspirants. So, your arms will feel cool when you wear high-quality sun protection sleeves.

Offers Sun Protection

UV compression sleeves offer you sun protection. They are the perfect alternatives to sunblock creams. Plus, it prevents you from getting sunburnt. Further, the sun protection sleeves protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent skin cancer.

These sleeves with a UPF rating ensure that sun rays do not penetrate your skin. You need a UPF rating of 50+ to offer you the best sun protection.

Protects Your Skin

Other than offering you sun protection, UV compression sleeves ensure your skin is protected too. Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but it also protects your skin from insects, cuts and scratches, and more. Plus, it will help you avoid applying sunblock cream that proves to be allergenic for some people.

While you do outdoor activities, the thick UV compression sleeves will prevent you from getting hurt.

Prevents Contact with Harmful Chemicals

When you wear sun protection sleeves, you prevent contact with harmful chemicals.

It is likely that when you indulge in certain activities, you might come in contact with harmful chemicals. Often, these may trigger allergic reactions and give you rashes. UV compression sleeves offer you ample protection and ensure you do not come in direct contact with chemicals.

Style Enhancers

Of course, style is essential, isn’t it? The sun protection sleeves are uber cool and stylish. They are available in various designs and colours to match your personality. What’s more, you can customize the sleeves according to your activity, preference, and attire. Your style game will dramatically improve with sun protection sleeves. 

Sun protection sleeve is useful and has a UPF rating that determines how much UV rays it can absorb. Moreover, they are comfortable, lightweight, enhance your style, protect your skin, and prevent contact with harmful chemicals.

You will find it helpful to invest in sun protection sleeves with UPF 50+ rating for maximum protection. It will help you participate in your sports activities and other outdoor activities comfortably.


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