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How to reduce distractions while learning: tips for students

Internal disturbances and many other external issues can cause distractions while studying. Every student wants to study effectively and achieve high academic performances but either because of internal issues or external means, they are not able to focus, concentrate and give their hundred percent in learning. This affects the academic results as well the mental and physical well-being of the students. But since every problem has a solution, let us discuss some very effective tips and techniques that students can practice in their learning patterns to minimize the level of distraction learning that students face while learning.

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reasons  of distraction

1. Excessive social media addiction  – social media is enjoyable and helpful, but excessive use can be a reason for distraction while learning. The notifications, messages, group chats, text, tags, and updates make students curious to open social media applications while studying. Therefore limiting excessive use is important.

2. Peer group – peer interaction and communication are helpful in many ways but yes, extra focus on this can become a reason behind distractions in studies and poor academic results. When there is not a  balance between time spent with friends and learning, studies are affected. The calls, messages, and video conferencing from friends during the learning time often distract students. 

3. Overthinking – many learners have a habit of overthinking. Negative thoughts, stress, and pressure can make students distracted from their studies.

4. Technical tools: mobiles, online games, computers, tablets, and other networking devices when used too much can become a distraction for students.

Reduce distractions: tips for students.

  1. Put off the notifications

Today in the digital era we are living in, smartphones, computers, and other networking devices are part of every student’s life. Yes, there are several advantages of these networking devices but keeping the notification on mute mode is very important. This is the best way to stay away from distractions while learning. Today many students learn from the mobile teacher app, this means the complete focus should be on learning and not on the other mobile applications.

 Let us discuss an example, imagine you are learning from your mobile and you are receiving text messages from your friends and also some social media notifications popping on your screens, you will close your study lesson and start checking these notifications. This will act as a barrier to your smooth learning. In this regard, students should keep the app notification on mute mode. This technique will help in many ways such as

  • It will prevent procrastination. With fewer phone distractions, students will be able to do their work at the right time and there will be no delays in the study.
  • productivity will be enhanced. Students will be able to complete all their decided work timely.
  • Students who learn online via the mobile teacher app can achieve quality education by reducing the application notifications on phones and tablets.
  1. Take breaks in between

Tiredness and brain fatigue is also the main reason behind distraction from the studies. When we study continuously without any break in between, our brain gets tired. Because of this reason, understanding, and comprehension of information become difficult for the learners. The risk of confusion, misconceptions, doubts, and mistakes also increases when we don’t take appropriate breaks in between. Also, the students who learn through the online teaching method should take a break from the computers and mobile screens. Because continuous studies from networking sites can cause strain on the eyes and the head. But with timely breaks, students can face fewer distractions. Also, students can do the following:

  • Set a timer for completing a particular that is not too long or too short.
  • Students should remember not to take too long breaks. Even a break of fifteen to twenty minutes is sufficient for providing rest to your mind. This will ensure re-boosting the body and brain energy for distraction-free studies.
  • During the break taken, take a rest or a quick power nap. Eating a healthy snack like your fruit, dry nuts, or a cup of milk can be helpful in re-energizing the brain for effective learning.
  1. Stay positive

Many times negative thoughts, the tension of future outcomes, consequences, and overthinking act as an obstruction in the smooth learning process of the students. Thinking about future outcomes to a certain limit is fine, but only thinking about them and without focusing on the present activities, students’ academic performance is affected. All the learners whether learning via online teaching or traditional learning should focus on staying positive.

  • Students should maintain a check on their present actions and preparations, and should not overthink much about the future
  • Doing mindful activities and meditation can help students to stay positive. According to several types of research, positive learners are less distracted in studies.
  1. Study at a suitable place

Environmental components can also become a reason for distraction in studies. Noises from household chores or outside noises from vehicles, traffic, rallies, and other things can disturb students. This leads to poor focus and concentration in studies. Therefore, finding a suitable place for learning is important for all students. In this regard

  • Students can find a room or study place which is silent and free from environmental disturbances.
  • Applying curtains on the walls, keeping the door closed can help students to stay distraction-free.
  • Also, all online learners must follow this technique for effective classroom studies and self-studies as well.


Focus and concentration for effective studies from the student’s end are very important. Facing distractions while learning is a common problem with all the students but in order to cure this problem, taking the necessary steps is important. All the above-mentioned techniques can help students to overcome the main distractions such as mobile notifications, the problem of overthinking, environmental issues, brain fatigue, and much more. All the students can adopt and practice these tips and techniques in their learning patterns to ensure effective studies.

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