Preschool Franchise in Mumbai

5 Top Preschool Franchise in Mumbai

Education is vital to helping our children become responsible and well-rounded adults. Through a solid educational base, children can reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Start-up costs for franchises typically range in lakhs and 400 square feet of space, along with providing hand holding services from property identification to set up.

After considering the setup cost, support given by the brand, profitability and the quality of service being offered we have listed top 5 Preschool Franchise in Mumbai

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care is a top-rated institute that offers children an immersive learning experience. Their staff specialize in offering well-rounded education that develops social skills, physical fitness and creative expression – with its state-of-the-art facilities and Highscope curriculum they aim to cultivate young minds through experience and education.

Raj Singhal and Purvesh Sharma established Footprints Preschool and Day Care with the mission of offering world-class education and childcare services for children. Being parents themselves, they understand the challenges associated with finding safe and reliable daycare options for their own kids; hence their goal to establish an educational institute offering a safe learning environment complemented with excellent teachers and a comprehensive curriculum.

Organization is dedicated to nurturing brightest minds and supporting their growth in a safe and healthy environment. Their educational initiative utilizes state-of-the-art U.S. curriculums and pedagogies, informed by clinical studies on child brain development. As a result, this holistic approach to education aims at optimizing both cognitive and emotional growth of each student.

Footprints stands out from other preschools by its emphasis on nutrition. All meals served at Footprints are nutritious and free from processed junk foods; additionally, experienced nutritionists help develop and prepare food in-house to avoid creating unhealthy eating habits for their students. This ensures they don’t pass along unhealthy eating habits to them in later life.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare also offers extracurricular activities for their children beyond quality teaching, such as music and dance lessons. Outdoor activities are an integral component of development; their teachers encourage the children to use their imagination and explore new things!


Euro Kids was established in 1997 and currently boasts more than 875 preschools throughout India. Egnont Imagination (India) Ltd was rebranded Eurokids International in 2001. Eurokids International provides age-appropriate activities and services such as music and movement classes, art & craft activities, dramatic play sessions, sensory play play sessions and storytelling to its young clients in a safe, nurturing environment, while simultaneously encouraging socialization skills as well as critical thinking abilities in a safe space.

This brand strongly believes that education is the cornerstone of success, offering an engaging learning atmosphere and innovative pedagogy to ensure their students become well-rounded individuals. Furthermore, they understand children learn best when engaged in the learning process – their experienced faculty ensure each child receives top quality instruction.

If you want to open a Euro Kids franchise, you will require at least 2000 square feet in a residential area that contains at least six classrooms and an outdoor area; washroom facilities must also be attached. Additional requirements include possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, sound financial standing and strong desire for success.

EuroKids provides more than just curriculum: they also offer teacher training and support services. Recognized for their efforts in education, EuroKids has won several awards and is one of the leading franchise brands in India, being in business for 17 years and continually updating services to adapt with trends in education. EuroKids puts student safety first by creating an inviting and comfortable school environment.

Amelio Day Care

Amelio Day Care offers educational solutions for children in Chennai, India. Their services include plan centered around objects for kids to handle and immersive activities for them to engage in; training and resources provided to teachers and parents; training opportunities; as well as comprehensive resources available for both teachers and parents. Their workplace culture emphasizes learning through play – looking for passionate individuals who love working with kids!

The mission of the company is to offer quality education and child-care services in a safe, nurturing environment. They strive to maintain an infant teacher-child ratio of 1:3, as well as 1:6 for older children so their teachers can meet each child’s specific needs while giving them exceptional care.

Current locations of this company span 14 across the nation and continue to expand operations. Their preschool offers a variety of activities for children from 6 am to 10 pm. There is also an onsite cafe offering breakfast and lunch service to children at these centers; along with indoor/outdoor playgrounds as well as yoga rooms for their convenience.

This small business boasts revenues between $501 – 100k and employs 5001 to 5000, making them relatively new to their industry yet with an excellent track record. You can gain more information by visiting their website, which features blog and home pages to provide potential customers with easy access to what they offer as well as an interactive contact form to send questions or leave feedback.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids is an educational brand that fosters a supportive learning environment for children. Their unique teaching methods and personalized approach help children build confidence while reaching their full potential. Furthermore, Kangaroo Kids emphasizes hands-on learning methods as a key way of encouraging discovery of new things by their young customers.

At their core, they believe that children learn best when given a voice and choice within an emotionally safe environment. Their commitment is strong when it comes to creating innovative curriculum backed by research and evidence-based techniques, so students receive only top quality education.

Their mission is to develop an educational system that stimulates each child’s natural inquisitiveness while providing a solid basis for academic success in later years. Their facilities boast some of the latest learning and childcare equipment in the industry and employ highly-trained staff members. Their programs range from infant and toddler preschool, prekindergarten programs, kindergarten prep programs, summer camp sessions and private school kindergarten options.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool stands out from other preschools by providing an expansive variety of educational and development activities designed to nurture its young students. Their curriculum embraces both traditional and progressive methods of learning; classrooms are created to spark imagination; parents are regularly kept updated as to their children’s progress, and this school works closely with them to ensure the best care is delivered.

Focusing on providing safe and healthy educational environments has helped this franchise earn a stellar reputation as one of the premier preschool franchises in India. They feature a comprehensive curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers familiar with current learning trends; plus technology tools are employed to make learning fun and interactive for their students. Over 130 centers exist across India and six other countries are part of this franchise network.

Hello Kids

Preschool is an invaluable opportunity to give kids valuable socialization skills. Selecting one in your local area makes the process of enrolling your child easy, plus checking on them if they become sick becomes simpler.

Hello Kids Petals is one of India’s top-rated preschool franchises and is known for its Montessori-based school with a curriculum that promotes physical, emotional, and aesthetic development in its students. Offering daycare services as well as accommodating special needs children on large campuses – Hello Kids Petals provides students ample space for both learning and play!

Kids Campus school is India’s fastest-growing international preschool network with more than 70 locations nationwide. Their curriculum is tailored to meet the educational needs of young children in six key areas – social and emotional development, language acquisition and communication, mathematics knowledge comprehension, global awareness/understanding, creative development and motor skills development. Their facilities include libraries, computers, outdoor play areas with non-toxic play equipment as well as more.

FirstCry, India’s leading kid and baby care chain with over 900 stores nationwide, offers another successful preschool franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter India’s preschool education sector. Their innovative model blends online sales with offline ones while their hospital outreach program “FirstCry Box” brings these innovative sales directly to new parents – an attractive proposition for businesspeople wanting to enter this sector of preschool education.

Before selecting a preschool, it is a good idea to seek recommendations from friends and family. Visit the school in question to witness its operations first-hand; high quality preschools should have high standards as well as friendly staff that can answer all your queries.

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