Ahmedabad a popular city with amazing tourist spot. The place is also called as Amdabad by Gujratis. This place is the first in the world to be declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, which is called Manchester of India. This place was established by Sultan Ahmed Shah and it got continuous change after then. All this years after lots of transformation the people here with there celebration have not changed. Here people with different cultures celebrates there functions with love and prosperity.

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 amazing places in Ahmedabad that you can explore. Well if you are on a short travel plan then these 5 amazing places in Ahmedabad will really amaze you on your short trip. the place is famous for its marvelous mosques, stunning structures, patriotic monuments, beautiful garden, and few temples which attract lots of visitors throughout the year. If you stay nearby like Vadodara then taking a car ride to Ahmedabad in your weekend will be a great weekend destination that you can explore. you need to book a reliable and affordable taxi just like Gozocabs for your Vadodara to Ahmedabad cab and you can take a one way ride starting from @1100 INR with Gozocabs.

Let’s start with 5 Amazing places in Ahmedabad :

Sabarmati Ashram :

The place is situated in the bank of the Sabarmati river and is one of the top attraction in our 5 Amazing places on the Ahmedabad list. The Sabarmati Ashram is ones home of Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi and also the center of freedom fighter operation in India. If you are interested in the life and strugle of Mahatma Gandhi then you must need to visit this place. here you can find the personal artefacts, including his glasses, slippers, and books. The iconic Dandi March started from this place and that’s why this place holds a special point of interest to various historic lovers.

Bhadra Fort :

This Fort is amazing with its historic presence and architecture thus took the 2nd amazing place in Ahmedabad to explore in our list. The fort was founded in the year 1411 by Sultan Ahmad Shah. There is a temple of Bhadra Kali that’s how the fort got its name as Bhadra Fort. There is a story that once goddess Laxmi entered to this fort to shower her blessing on the Muslim Sultan that this city will always be blessed with wealth. The entry is free and with 9 am to 5 Pm you need to visit this fort.

Sarkhej Roza

If you are looking for amazing architecture in the city then visit this third amazing place in Ahmedabad in our list the Sarkhej Roza. The place is build up by a lake called Sarkhej lake that’s how it got its name. The place is build up with few tombs and pillars.

Kankaria Lake

The largest water body in Ahmedabad is Kankaria Lake. The place is built in the fifteenth century by Sultans Muhammad Shah and Ahmed Shah II. As this lake is used for bathing so there is an inbuilt purification system is installed. To make a tourist spot there is many things that have been done on the side of the lake like an entertainment zone, toy train, food stall, etc. This place is also a great picnic spot and you can spend an awesome evening in this lake. There is an entry fee to visit this lake.

Hutheesing Jain Temple :

The last awesome place to visit in Ahmedabad in our list is the Hutheesing Jain Temple. The temple was built around 1850 by a Jain businessman named Hutheesing Kesarsin, after his name the temple has been named. The temple is built with marbel and potray beautiful design of historical architecture. If you are a architecture lover then you must need to visit this place.

Wrapping up :

There are many places that you can explore in Ahmedabad as this article is short thus we selected 5 amazing places that you can explore in your weekend. You can book any reliable local sightseeing taxi service online to see this place. This 5 list of places will be enough to cover in your weekend getaway trip. Stay tuned because in the upcoming post we will write many more sightseeing place that you can visit in Ahmedabad.


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