4 First-Class Cake and Pastry Shops Worth Your Time in the Central Coast NSW

An early morning breakfast with fluffy steaming buns and a cup of coffee is a great start for the day. In the middle of work, a slice of toothsome cake plus a glass of fruit shake sound refreshing, especially when you need energy to continue moving. Afternoon breaks are meant to be cozy, and tasty pies are matchless! Late-night snacks aren’t just chips and dips but cookies and tarts too. Any time of day is a perfect time for cakes and pastries!

What makes scrumptious baked products even more delicious is the atmosphere of the place you eat them in. One of those must-visit places is the Central Coast in New South Wales. Didn’t see that coming? Then, that’s good because this list is tailor-made to inform you about some of the nicest Central Coast locations to grab a yummy pastry bite from! 

You might be a local or a tourist who’s reading this now, yet nonetheless, for whatever reason you are in the Central Coast today or will be soon, you should not forget popping in on these friendly bakeries in this beautiful land. Straight off, below are 4 first-class cake and pastry shops worth your time in the Central Coast of New South Wales. Read on!    

1 – FUDGE MONKEY (Umina Beach)

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Sugar, butter, and cream combined together make a yum-yum fudge, and Fudge Monkey definitely knows how to bring the game to the next level! 

Located in Umina Beach, Fudge Monkey is an aficionado in cake creation and cake designing. With superior experiences and skills in gourmet, its owners and culinary artists see to it that they only produce captivating and distinct cakes! Mediocrity is not in their vocabulary. That’s why they are called experts in the industry.  

What makes Fudge Monkey even friendlier is their love and care for clients who have special requests to meet dietetic specifications. They creatively design gluten-free celebration kuchens, so if your birthday celebrator is strictly a health buff, you can order a cake for them from Fudge Monkey!

Photo credit: Fudge Monkey

This confectionery’s specialty, besides celebration cakes, includes loaves, shortbread, cupcakes, cookies, pies, French macarons, mango cheese and biscotti. You will regret it if you miss trying the Fudge Monkey Fudge, so make sure you get that listed on your orders! Their decadent shakes don’t disappoint too!

All components used to give life to their lovely cakes are locally sourced. You can assure that from the inside out, you get chief quality of true Australian ingredients. 

Regardless of whether you are a first-time traveler seeking for terrific refreshments or a local spending a carefree weekend getaway in NSW, the Fudge Monkey will keep you coming back for more! 

2 – EVA’S PATISSERIE (Watanobbi)

Photo credit: Eva’s Patisserie

Nothing beats natural! Manufacturing top-notch cakes, Eva’s Patisserie sees to it that every customer is satisfied with every bite and is smiling from ear to ear when the shop is near.  

Using state-of-the-art patisserie strategies and skills obtained from across the globe, the caker behind Eva’s Patisserie makes all their cakes unforgettably astounding. Only the most excellent of ingredients are utilized; settling for less is not in this shops’ motto. Artificial colors and flavors are nowhere found. All are natural elements that really make every customer feel happy and healthy! Locally acquired ingredients are used as well. 

Their elite menu includes Rocky Ripe, Colada Spliced, Lemonish Meringuey, Ruby Rose, Heaven Is Chocolate and more. All their cakes and pastries are clothed with great textures, appetizing flavors and ravishing visuals! 

Photo credit: True Local

Situated in Watanobbi, Eva’s Patisserie is a go-to for any kind of occasion and season. It could be a family weekend getaway in NSW, a birthday party, an afternoon craving or simply a random weekday. You can contact or visit the store in Brittania Drive. 

Just take note that their cakes are made to order! That’s because they want every piece to be exceptional and custom-made just for you! Eva’s Patisserie truly makes you feel special! 


Photo credit: Chittaway Bakehouse

Convenient in its location and pleasant in its products, Chittaway Bakehouse enjoys making superb cakes and pastries for its dear customers. They kindly deliver freshness to homes’ doorsteps too.

Found in Chittaway Shopping Center, this bakery offers toothful pastries, flavorful pies, exquisite breads, rich sandwiches, delish sausage rolls, pretty celebration cakes, lush specialty kuchens, yummy quiches, aromatic coffees and beverages. 

Specifically, you will find fruit pies, such as Fruit Mince Pie, Apple Charlotte, Cherry Pie and Blueberry Pie in their menu. Lamington, Passion Fruit Cake, Coconut Cake, Sponge Gateau, Jaffa Cake, Rock Cakes and Lumberjack Cake are among the cake options that will make you curious and drool to taste them! Scones, Custard Tarts, Palmiers and Chocolate Eclair are available as well.

With aces in the cake and pastry making industry having more than two decades of expert experience, Chittaway Bakehouse is relied on and loved by many locals and businesses in and around the Central Coast. You may just want a single snack for yourself or a wholesale order for your squad, and you can get them both from the Chittaway Bakehouse.

4 – SASÀ (Ettalong Beach)

Photo credit: Galleria-Ettalong Beach

Catch a glimpse of Europe’s outstanding flavors in the zone of Australia. Head to Sasà in Ettalong Beach! 

A comely family business that aims to satisfy people’s Italian cravings while on the Central Coast NSW, Sasà is a little artisan patisserie with a big heart! It is very much adored for its fresh traditional Sicilian cannoli. You can rest assured that every bite every day is stuffed with utmost freshness!  

Besides their popular classic cannoli and its diverse variations, their highlight goodies that visitors fall in love with include croissants, sausage rolls, pork and meat pies, pizzas and sourdough breads. Some of their unique noshes include the Blueberry Bomb Pastry, Kouign-Amann, Choc-Hazelnut Rocher, Cherry Cruffins and Sourdough Schiacciata. Additionally, vegan options and gluten-free choices are available and so delectable!

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Sasà might be quite busy most of the time, but isn’t that just a good sign that it’s worth the wait? This outstanding shop is all about the Italian theme that makes each customer feel homey and revitalized! 

Both their luscious treats and their place’s congenial vibe are to drive for! It is a good idea to swing by Sasà after exhausting days at work or after a long day of strolling around the Central Coast. Authenticity is here at its finest! 

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It is indeed amazing how the Central Coast is not only filling eyes with amazement but also filling tummies with delight! From the scenery that the vision can reach to the sweets that the taste buds can experience, traveling to the Central Coast of New South Wales truly is worth your time!  



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