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Things You Must Do Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments conducted in Perth. In fact, 22% of Aussies have their teeth whitened. But having your teeth whitened requires two key components. Firstly, you need a reliable dentist to get your teeth whitened without complications like damaged enamel, extreme pain, burns, etc.

Secondly, some prerequisites must be met in order to have an efficient teeth whitening procedure.

Finding a reliable dentist to get your teeth whitening Perth done won’t be a task. But many people skip out on the prerequisites and don’t have a very effective teeth whitening process.

So, what are these things that one must remember before having their teeth whitened? Read on to find out!

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Things to remember before having your teeth whitened

Before heading to get your teeth whitened, there are some prerequisites you must perform. They are as follows:

1.    Make sure you take a dental exam

Scheduling a dental appointment before having your teeth whitened is very vital. You must see your dentist beforehand to have a successful whitening process. But why?

Well, your dentist needs to check your teeth and suggest the best possible alternative. This is because teeth whitening is not capable of removing all teeth stains. It can only whiten your teeth if they have been stained by smoking, drinking, eating, etc.

Tooth color degradation caused by decay, prolonged exposure to antibiotics, trauma, etc., render a teeth whitening process ineffective. Therefore, you must head to your dentist to get a better insight into the effectiveness of the teeth whitening process.

Moreover, teeth whitening Perth offers multiple procedure options, and hence it is up to your dentist to recommend the most effective one for you.

2.    Pre-clean your teeth

Before heading in for a teeth whitening process, pre-cleaning your teeth is extremely vital, and this cannot be stressed enough. Having your teeth pre-cleaned is going to improve your overall whitening process significantly.

This owes to the fact that the presence of tartar and plaque will cut down the effects of bleaching products. Moreover, home cleaning your teeth might not be enough. This is because it is not enough to remove tartar and certain other sediments found in your teeth.

For this, you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned in the days leading up to your whitening process. Lastly, do not forget to floss and brush daily to have a more efficient teeth whitening process.

3.    Desensitize your teeth before the appointment

One of the commonly known side-effects of teeth whitening is sensitivity in your teeth and gums. If you suffer from sensitivity, even outside dental treatments, then desensitizing your teeth is always a good option. This way, you can have a much more comfortable whitening procedure.

Hence, you can start using desensitizing toothpaste a couple of weeks before your scheduled teeth whitening appointment. If you feel desensitizing toothpaste isn’t enough, you can consult your dentist for other pain-relieving options.

4.    Get your cavities filled

Another vital prerequisite would be to get your cavities filled before heading to your whitening appointment. The whitening bleach needs to penetrate your teeth properly to get them whitened.

If there are cavities present, then the bleach will penetrate a lot deeper than necessary, causing significant discomfort.

Wrapping up

Although teeth whitening happens to be a very popular dental procedure in Perth, there are not many people who follow the process diligently. To have the best and most effective teeth whitening process, make sure you follow all the tips mentioned above.

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