Naina Peak, also known as China Peak and Cheena Peak is an amazing trekking destination that provides stunning views of surrounding mountains and cityscape. The 6-km trail winds its way through towering deodar, cypress and pine forests; perfect for adventure-seekers!

Natural beauty and snow-clad mountains make Mallital or Snow View Point an enchanting place to visit, with treks or pony/horse journeys offering access to this mountain peak.

Trekking to Naina Peak

Trek to Naina Peak or China Peak in Nainital is one of the must-visits for adventure seekers in Nainital. This 6-km trek offers spectacular views of neighboring mountains and city, as well as lush green trails of Kumaon with majestic Deodar, Cypress and Pine forests and Rhododendron-strewn paths en route. Atop Naini Lake you will witness jaw-dropping kidney-shaped views; plus bird’s-eye views of entire Nainital city from its summit!

Naina Peak Trek
Naina Peak Trek

At its most beautiful, visiting this peak during the day provides you with unparalleled views of the Himalayas and other surrounding peaks. However, due to the challenging trek trail it is strongly advised that only experienced guides take this trek. Wear comfortable trekking shoes and carry plenty of water and snacks as monsoon season poses risks of landslides in this area.

Beginning your journey at Mallital or Snow View Point, you can reach this high point either on foot or by pony/horse ride. No shops exist along this route so make sure that you bring enough food and water. If planning on going to Naina Peak, ensure you bring warm clothing as night temperatures can quickly become unbearably cold.

Naina Peak is not only popular for hiking, but is also famed for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, making it a must-visit spot for couples and friends. Furthermore, the peak offers stunning vistas of Himalayas and Naini Lake as well as being home to diverse species of flora and fauna including an array of birdlife such as eagles soaring overhead!

How to Reach Naina Peak

Naina Peak is an essential trekker and nature enthusiast destination. Offering breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, Naina Peak makes a must-visit stop on any trekker’s itinerary. Booking a day hike with an expert guide is the best way to reach its summit; they will ensure your full attention and ensure you can enjoy its beauty without distraction.

Naina Peak Trek
Naina Peak Trek

This peak is nestled amidst forests of cypress, oak and pine trees adorned with Rhododendron blooms in shades of pink and red; its trail passes beneath these trees with views of kidney-shaped lake below; at its summit is an awe-inspiring sight of Bandar Punch to Api and Nari Peaks of Nepal with Nainital city and lake in between as seen from above!

Visit the peak during the daytime for an impressive view of Himalayan mountains, sunrise, and sunset – it’s also an excellent opportunity for couples and friends to spend quality time together! Visit now and book your stay.

Trekking to the peak is straightforward and can usually be completed within an hour or two, although it is advisable to carry water and snacks as there are no shops at the summit. Furthermore, monsoon season travel should be avoided since landslides could occur and make trails treacherous.

Naina Peak may not be difficult, but you should still come prepared. Be mindful of rocky and steep trails. Be sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes, sunhat, first aid kit and flashlight – and wear appropriate clothing, as weather on top may change quickly!

Naina Peak Trekking Tips

Trekking in Uttarakhand’s hills can be an incredible adventure. These remote trails, full of wilderness, provide an idyllic getaway for nature enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts. However, beginner trekkers should note that trekking naina peak requires experience before venturing on any such expedition – thus all safety measures should be strictly observed while participating. Here are a few useful tips and tricks for safe naina peak trekking journey.

Naina Peak Trek
Naina Peak Trek

Nainital’s highest peak, Naina Peak is well known for its breathtaking bird’s eye views of the city below and beyond. Home of Goddess Naini Devi and surrounded by snow-clad Himalayan peaks. Situated at 2,615 m above sea level, it provides magnificent panoramic views of both Himalayas and Kumaon Hills – summer months are recommended as weather is pleasant and daylight stays longer duration.

Naina Peak is an oasis for trekkers and offers them an exciting hiking experience. Starting at Lariya Kanta and leading all the way uphill, its trail gradually steepens as you ascend into dense forest cover – taking roughly 1-2 hours total before arriving at its summit with fresh air and breathtaking sights!

As part of your trek, you can admire the spectacular Himalayan peaks while discovering lush forests and breathtaking valleys. Additionally, you will come across various species of flora and fauna – Himalayan blackberry and wild strawberry being amongst them – along with some migratory birds.

Visiting this magnificent peak requires booking a tour package with a reliable travel agency to get the best rates and services during your trip. Your package should include accommodation, meals and transport; furthermore, an experienced guide should help navigate you safely across mountainous terrain; these guides know all of the best spots for taking pictures while providing safety guidance during hikes.

Naina Peak Trekking Cost

Naina Peak Trekking is one of the best ways to experience Kumaon’s natural beauty. The peak offers panoramic views of Nainital’s lush green landscape and snow-clad Himalayan Mountains, as well as being home to various animals and plants. To maximize your trekking adventure, it is advised that you visit during daylight hours – nighttime trails may not be well lit and lead you astray, which could result in getting lost – wear comfortable hiking shoes with good grip, carry first aid supplies as a first-aid kit in case this occurs!

Naina Peak, Uttarakhand’s highest point, is an immensely popular tourist spot both Indian and foreign tourists alike. A relaxing hike starting from Lariya Kanta provides stunning Himalayan vistas. Bird-watchers and hikers alike also frequent this spectacular summit – especially during summer when conditions are ideal and daylight lasts longer!

This peak is nestled amidst forests of cypress, rhododendrons and deodar trees – making it an idyllic destination for trekking. Plus, from here you can easily see mountains from Tibet’s border! Be sure to bring along your camera so you can capture this breathtaking scenery on camera!

Naini Lake is an iconic attraction that offers a serene environment for boating and paddle boating, picnicking and shopping. If you’re feeling more daring, try Tiffin Top trek for an intermediate level trail which provides incredible mountain scenery while enjoying delicious cuisine along its path.

Snow View Point in Nainital is another renowned mountain peak, providing captivating views of the snow-clad Himalayas and suitable for beginner trekkers or travelers traveling with guides. Additionally, this moderate-level trek boasts beautiful flowers and animals to see.

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