A ute tray is a valuable accessory for transporting a variety of items. As a bonus, it helps keep vehicles safe. Most ute trays are made of steel, alloy, or aluminium. Aluminium ute trays in Victoria are often preferred. They’re more reflective and lighter in weight. An aluminium tray weighs around 100 kg and can support up to 900 kg. There are various ute trays to choose from in Victoria, each with its solid build. Dealers build the plans from scratch based on client specifications. Most Victoria retailers produce these trays using a fabrication method that combines aluminium scrap with metal sheeting. When mounted in the rear of automobiles, these trays free up a lot of space and lighten the load on the tires.

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Various methods for creating one-of-a-kind ute trays

Sturdy shelves made of steel

Metal racks keep cargo secure when off-roading. Therefore, it serves as a secure object. And, steel racks with roofs not only serve as a tent while jogging while carrying a lot of gear and additional storage space when you need it. There are a plethora of service companies in Victoria that provide this.

LED Lights

LED lighting may be used as a form of risk mitigation in Victoria. And that matters for trucks carrying a lot of weight. The wheelers’ side and rear lights let other vehicles know how familiar they are with them. That’s why they maintain their distance at all times.


The hardwood surface can withstand the weight of furniture being moved without being damaged. It may also be transformed into a compact sleeping area for use on the road.

Shelf unit with rungs

Ladder racks may be attached to them as well. Setting up shop on the back of a pickup might also save you money. Products, sheets, and stepladders are in a safe and convenient location.

Coverings made of aluminium

Equipment may be stored safely, reliably, and affordably, shielded from the elements and prying eyes. The doors are nicely flush, and the unit is lightweight.

Caravan packing cases

It has a low profile and resistance, making it ideal for storing items at the bottom of a bottomless pit.

The benefits of aluminium ute trays over steel ute trays

  • Aluminium is lighter than steel when comparing their respective densities. For that reason, it will help reduce vehicle fuel usage. Also, tire life is prolonged.
  • Aluminium trays do far less damage to the natural environment than steel trays.
  • Aluminium, a lightweight metal, protects against rust and It is also non-ferrous and does not rust. However, steel is ferrous and resistant to corrosion.
  • Aluminium’s natural resistance to corrosion makes it a good choice for usage in saltwater environments. Steel, however, will deteriorate after coming into touch with seawater.
  • Aluminium trays may be painted if necessary. And it’s simple to fix if anything goes wrong.

Aluminium ute trays in Victoria provide several advantages.

  • Farmers, plumbers, and other trades may benefit from the lower cost. The tray may be used without worry in almost any setting. The lockable canopy will provide an extra layer of protection. As a result of its adaptable layout, there is plenty of room on the deck for things like water containers, toolboxes, and spare tires.
  • This aluminium tray is an excellent replacement for an old one and can be purchased reasonably and installed quickly.
  • Despite exposure to rain, snow, and even rust, the durable aluminium utilised in its construction was not compromised. Large items may be transported without any other painting.
  • There is a selection of trays to choose from. To accommodate different cabin sizes, it may be purchased in various sizes. This tray style may also be customised for individual usage.
  • You may easily make it bigger if you need more storage space.
  • Weight is dissipated, and the sturdy construction guarantees longevity.


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