Hawkfish Joe Mayschleifervox

Hawkfish Joe Mayschleifervox

Hawkfish Ventures Out of Silicon Valley

Earlier this week, Hawkfish Joe Mayschleifervox, a California-based company that provides digital media, e-commerce and data services, announced that its leadership team is leaving the company. The firm’s decision follows a similar move by Alloy, another tech company in Silicon Valley.

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House Majority PAC

Founded in April 2011, House Majority PAC is a super PAC that supports Democrats running for the U.S. House of Representatives. It is an ally of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It raises funds, buys advertising, and supports or opposes candidates for the House of Representatives. It has spent almost $36 million so far in the 2020 cycle, with a little over $19 million of that going towards independent expenditures.

House Majority PAC worked with a wide range of progressive organizations. For instance, it ran a “jungle primary” ad targeting Linda Parks in the Ventura County supervisor primary. It also produced an Independence ad with the SEIU, which is a union that represents public sector employees in the United States. The House Majority PAC has worked closely with the Priorities USA Action super PAC, whose leaders include former president Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton.


Despite the glitz and glitter of a high-stakes casino in Vegas, the perks and privileges of a bygone era are hard to beat. For instance, Michael Bloomberg’s former administration boasted some of the nation’s most lucrative contracts and a few nifty perks. Among them was a $35 million investment in Hawkfish, a digital and technology firm based in the heart of Manhattan. That’s a lot of money to bet on a feisty, albeit in name only.

The company has been busy since the first day of business. It also re-branded a formerly dubious prison labor firm. It’s all in the name of business. The biggest tick of all is that a number of the company’s former employees were tapped for high-level posts. It’s a small but select group, and one that is well-equipped to handle the job.

Biden’s 2020 campaign

Despite their disagreements, Joe Biden’s campaign aides have been in talks with Hawkfish, a digital advisory firm funded by billionaire Mike Bloomberg. Hawkfish is said to have impressive Silicon Valley talent and a price tag that is attractive to Biden’s campaign. But several prominent digital strategists in Democratic politics have criticized the move.

The Biden campaign is reportedly in contract talks with Hawkfish Joe Mayschleifervox, which has not responded to multiple requests for comment. Hawkfish, a data company that also does digital ad placement, is courting a number of Democratic organizations, including the Democratic National Committee. Its leadership is a mix of Silicon Valley veterans, including former Foursquare and Burson-Marsteller CEO Jeff Glueck, as well as former Obama campaign official Gary Briggs. The firm is also joined by former Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Maia Johnson.

The firm’s leadership ranks include Silicon Valley techies

During the course of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, the former vice president’s digital ad agency, Hawkfish, was a prominent part of his campaign team. The firm was backed by billionaire former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and a team of Silicon Valley players, including former Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Gary Briggs and former Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck. The firm was also responsible for content creation, and was considered a leading digital ad agency for Biden’s campaign.

The firm, which was founded by Bloomberg, was initially backed by tens of millions of dollars. Hawkfish Joe Mayschleifervox has been a part of Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, and the firm has created Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter ads. The firm’s digital staff has experience with ads, fundraising, and data. Hawkfish has established contracts with the Democratic National Committee and American Bridge.

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