Enjoy your Weekend Getaway in Small-Town America – Take a Bus!

When it comes to taking a long weekend off, the one name that jumps at most people in Bowling Green. This quintessential small-town of America is surely worth a visit, and if you are lucky enough to be near Nashville, just book one of the bus trips near me and get ready to immerse yourself in leisurely travel.

No Rush Travel

The rise in the number of travelers wanting to take it easy and not keep running from one airport to another is increasing by the day. There are many reasons why people prefer bus tours over air travel now. These start from zero planning required to the trip being much cheaper to more stops in the journey.

The Covid pandemic put a stop to both local and global travel. Now that things are crawling back to normal, the pent-up demand has been released full-throttle.

More and more people are looking at diverse destinations for weekend (or longer) getaways, and they want to explore their own neighborhoods and beyond before they wander off to destinations on the other end of the globe.

Bewitching Bowling Green

Most bus tours in Kentucky would have the beautiful Bowling Green on their lists of places to see. Once here, you can start off your sightseeing with a visit to the National Corvette Museum. You can also pick up some interesting souvenirs from the gift shop here to carry home. After you have had your fill of looking at the gorgeous displays, you can head over to the GM Corvette Assembly Plant to take a look at how these American classics are made.

If the visit has awakened the speedster in you, your next destination has to be the NCM Motorsports Park which has activities for the novice to the highly skilled drivers.

You must not miss the Lost River Cave, where you can ride the inky waters of a subterranean river in a boat while marveling at the natural beauty of the cave. This is Kentucky’s only underground boat tour and is a supremely unique experience.

This place once had Civil War camps, garbage dumps, and even underground nightclubs! Can you imagine that!

Not just this, the Lost River Cave has a natural playground area and nature trails. You can also do zip lining here. If you are traveling with family, your children would love its junior naturalist programs.

You can also check out Western Kentucky University for your dose of regional history, which you will find at the Kentucky Museum. It houses many intriguing historical and cultural artifacts and has constantly rotating exhibits too.

The youthful energy this university has permeates throughout the city and you will be enraptured by its energy and vibe.

Bus trips in Bowling Green, KY, would surely be incomplete without visits to a few other spots, such as Downtown Fountain Square, Historic Railpark and Train Museum, and Chaney’s Dairy Barn. So make sure to leave some time in your itinerary for these!


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