Elite Dangerous Universal Cartographics Belt Clusters Pay Zero

How to Make Money in Elite Dangerous

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money in elite dangerous is passenger missions, which can net a commander up to $100 Million an hour.

Once a system has been mapped, its data can be sold to any Universal Cartographics contact at any station for display on Galaxy and System Maps; increasing commanders Explorer rank along the way.


Mining can be an essential economic activity, yet can also be risky. Pirates frequently attack mining ships and miners must fight them or hop into supercruise or hyperspace to escape, which consumes cargo and reduces miner productivity. Miners can use system maps to locate rings with more asteroids for mining; additionally they can equip their ships with modules like Prospector Limpet and Collector Limpet in order to extract additional valuable resources from these rings and belts.

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