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Choosing the Right Frame Size

  • The Space Is Considered.

Whether you’re refurbishing a desk or a living room wall, you’ll face unique challenges. To choose the suitable frame, first, measure the available floor space. To maximize a little area, you must decide whether to utilize several small photos or just a few large ones.

Using painter’s tape, attach different sized and shaped wall décor prints to the walls to visually think about the location. Before drilling any holes in your wall, you should have a general notion of their sizes and forms.

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Nowadays, Australians prefer to buy photo frames online because, usually e-stores do not have very specific timings; that is, the customer can buy the goods at their convenience.

  • Photo Type

Consider the image you wish to hang in the room. A narrow and simple frame will allow you to see everyone’s smiles in a family photo. A simple landscape with a single focus of interest may be framed in a thicker, more decorative frame. Personalizing a tabletop picture frame also adds a decorative aspect to any framed photo that has a plain-coloured solid frame.

  • Remember The Matting

The matte’s size will affect your frame selection. In this case, a bigger frame is necessary. Consider how much of the mat will be visible when selecting a frame. You may also choose from a variety of colours and textures. These bespoke picture frames with matting can make your images seem more professional.

  • Carry Your Photo with you

If you’re going to buy a frame, bring the print or a copy of it. If it’s a huge poster, take a photo of it and deliver it. Holding the photo near the frame can help you see your options better.

  • Measuring is crucial.

Before leaving the house:

  1. Measure the wall area where you wish to place the image.
  2. Measure the mat you intend to use.
  3. Make sure the frames and matting will fit in your home.

It’s easy to get lost in dimensions when selecting a picture frame size. While frame sizes are occasionally mentioned, we are usually on our own.


When you buy photo frames online, various dimensions are available, from enormous to minuscule. As a result, you won’t have to worry about trying to force your artwork into a frame that’s the incorrect size or, even worse, cutting your photos.


  • VALUE– Depending on your work’s monetary and emotional significance, the materials you choose to frame it may differ.
  • SIZE- Do you have a specific picture in mind for the dimensions? Consider the strength of the moulding and the overall weight of the finished frame on your wall.
  • MEDIUM– Depending on the kind of artwork, such as a digital photograph or an oil painting, your choice of frame and its parts may change.


  • The frame style doesn’t have to match the rest of your room’s décor as long as it matches the picture you’re framing. Even if you move or remodel, your framed painting will still look fantastic.
  • Think about the function and purpose of your frame. The question is, is it only for show, or does it serve some purpose?
  • Mounts may help your work stand out, but they’re also used to protect priceless works of art.

Which would you prefer?

  • Something created to order or something that you can have right away?
  • Do you want a wide range of frame options, including mounts, no matter how big or little your photo frame is?
  • Do you want to help the environment and keep people safe, so the materials used in construction should be as adaptable as possible?

Then consider Custom frames as Custom frames are usually available with a broad choice of high-quality materials for all your framing requirements.

Do you require a frame that can accept changing artwork regularly, such as a special function?

  • The only item that fits in a picture frame is something of the standard size. As a result, ready-made frames are an alternative to consider as they are convenient and affordable.
  • These frames are only available in the most popular shapes and colours.
  • Some are specifically designed for a certain purpose, such as showing graphics on a tabletop, while others are general.

What are the most common photo frames sizes in Australia?

The most common photo frame sizes are

  • 10*15cm
  • 13*18cm
  • 24*30cm
  • 40*40cm

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