In the modern era, T-20 is one of the most popular forms of cricket game. The popularity is so immense that every country goes go on to have their own T-20 league too. One thing is for sure the T- 20 has gone on to shake up the cricketing world. It is in stark contrast to what was seen in the last 15 to 20 years back. The advent of the recent ICC T20 world cup has given a new spark of entertainment and people are looking forward to this tournament happening every 2 years. Currently, the tournament is taking place in Australia, and people are eagerly waiting for the tournament.

The growth of T- 20 cricket does have significant benefits and there are a few pointers you need to guard against the league too. You need to have an idea about the same, as there is a need to have an idea about the future of the game. Let us have an idea of the same.

Opportunities for new players never seen before

One of the significant benefits of T-20 cricket is that players have an opportunity to showcase their talent never seen before. Even players who represent the small teams have an opportunity to rub their shoulders with the greats of the game, and they are able to make a name for themselves. Numerous players all over the world have gone on to make their presence felt by performing in these leagues.

An example of the few players is Rashid Khan, Tim David, et with a lot of rising stars in the pipeline. They have gone on to have a taste of international cricket and have gone on to great careers ahead in front of them.

The audience is attracted to this format of cricket.

The format of T- 20 is vibrant and action-packed and everyone does not want to miss out on a taste of the action. Monster sixes, a few fours, fast-paced action and last-over finishes are a few things that rule this game at a considerable level. One thing is for sure the format does attract a lot of viewers along with revenue. One thing is for sure it provides an ideal opportunity to attract new players to the game of cricket. A few of the fans who have started to watch the game of cricket have only done for T- 20.

Coming to the brand value of this league stood at an astonishing $ 6.7 million and even the Big Bash league went on to pay a record sum of money related to the sponsorship of the league. A few of the upcoming nations do go on to have a taste of T- 20 cricket. The number of teams who have taken up to T-20 cricket has reported an increase. A testimony to this fact is the ICC World T 20 rankings that go a long way in the popularity of the sport.

The dynamics of the game have undergone a major change

T-20 cricket has had a major transformation in the manner by which the game of cricket is played. It is due to the competitive nature along with the fast-paced movement, the teams have gone on to avail the services of experts that gives a new form to be on top of things. Players have also gone on to undertake a transformation in terms of fitness, and stronger and went on to do unbelievable things in the world.

The money has come in at a considerable level and it has to be fair to say that a lot of money pours into the league, One of the striking features was Pat Cummins and Ben Stokes going for a record sum of money in the last few auctions of the league.

The pointers to guard in T 20 league

Each and every country in the world does have their own T-20 league. With international cricket going in full swing adding T-20 cricket leads to a packed schedule. For example, leagues like IPL or BBL are held for a couple of months in a year which stretches to 4 months in a packed cricket schedule. Players do have to play on a regular basis without put-on pressure on their local bodies.

There has been a cause of mental stress too. Administrators are known to see players as a commodity and they keep on scheduling leagues without taking the consent of the players. A lot of injuries are bound to happen and the least attention is given to the players along with their families. In some cases, such a lot of games are not good for the players and it can lead to a degree of fatigue creeping in. There is a lot of passion involved which leads to a degree of fatigue is bound to creep in with every passing day.

Secondly, with the popularity of T – 20 cricket, it has led to a situation where the other forms of cricket have taken a back seat. There are a few people who still rate test cricket to be the pinnacle of cricket, but it is fair to say that no longer this works out to be the case. There are hardly any takers for test cricket in the last few years.

Test cricket demands the patience of a player and their core skills come to the fore. With the emergence of T- 20 cricket, a lot of players have gone on to make their presence in test cricket. A few of the skills like swing and patient batting in challenging conditions are no longer visible in modern-day cricket.

A lot of money, and glamour go on to disturb the dynamics associated with the game. A few instances of match fixing or spot fixing have gone on to emerge in this league that needs to be addressed. It would be better if a balance is achieved between T 20 cricket and other forms of cricket.


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